Code of Conduct

The GLPYC Code of Conduct appears below. We ask all participants and their parents/guardians to review and agree to this before participating on our programs. Parents will acknowledge having read this as part of the registration process, and our staff will cover it with participants on the first day of classes each month. To reinforce the concepts, parents should review this with their children before the season starts.


The Groton Long Point Yacht Club Code of Conduct

The ultimate goal of the Code of Conduct is to ensure a safe environment where participants demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers, and the Yacht Club staff.

All Yacht Club participants have the following rights:
• The right to participate in club activities
• The right to be free from harassment (bullying, teasing, etc.)
• The right to a safe, fun summer experience

Those participating in Yacht Club activities who infringe on the rights of others will be disciplined by the staff. Yacht Club staff has the right to exclude participants from the activity, including a Yacht Club class, event, or competition.

Participants can be excluded from an activity for the following reasons:

1. Obscene, abusive, and/or discriminatory language; roughhousing; and insubordination.

2. Creating a hazardous situation or environment. This includes any behavior deemed inappropriate for the situation by the YC Staff (i.e., uncontrolled
anger and extremely poor sportsmanship)

3. Deliberate destruction of property, including personal property of others.

There will be absolutely no refunds for participants who are asked to leave a class, event, or competition.