Docks and Storage

The GLPYC maintains two floating docks with space to rent for the 420s. The docks are located across from Venetian Street and are accessible via dinghy (provided by the club during the season). Docks can be rented during registration on a first come, first served basis. The rental option will be available once you sign up for 420s. Rentals are available for July only, August only and for the season.  All boats require stickers (see below) and a storm plan (form available in each boat’s section of this website) with name, address, phone numbers and boat identification are required to be filed with the GLPYC office prior to the start of the rental period.

Summer Boat Storage 
Summer boat storage is offered for the months of July and August. Boats can be launched just prior to the beginning of classes in July and must be removed by the end of August. All boats are required to submit a storm plan to the GLPYC office by the start of the month(s) that the boat will be stored. The storm plan will ask for name, boat identification and contact information in the event that boats are required to be removed due to an incoming storm or if an issue arises regarding a specific boat. Please note winter storage is each boat owner’s responsibility.

Storage options for each type of boat are as follows.
Seashells: Seashells are stored on the beach at the Inner Lagoon. 
Optis: Optis are stored on a complimentary basis at the sand spit at the end of Atlantic Avenue and are launched daily using private dollies. Participants without dollies should make arrangements with another family to borrow one. 
420s: The Yacht Club maintains two docks with space for rent for the 420s. Please see the information on docks above.

All Seashells, Optis, and  420s are required to have stickers (similar to those issued by the Association for boats stored on the beaches). This will help us identify boats in the event of a storm or other event. Stickers may be obtained from the YC office when a storm plan (available in each boat type’s section) is submitted.  The storm plan is to be completed by the owner of the boat, with the information for any boat renters provided.